Taylor Swift Inspires All!


Taylor Swift is an inspiration to many people all around the world! From her relatable lyrics, to her altruistic spirit. However, recently Swift inspired others in a non-traditional sense. 
A family-owned farm in Frederick, Maryland created the Taylor Swift themed corn maze pictured above. Summer Farm was inspired by Swifts’ saying, “Dare to be Different,” and chose it as the theme to their corn maze this year.

Farm owner Teresa Greenwood stated, “Taylor Swift emanates a fun and positive image for today’s young people…Swift’s generosity toward charitable causes is one thing, but perhaps more importantly, she dares to be different, embracing the power to be all that she can be… and encouraging her fans to do so as well.”

Swift even posted pictures of the corn maze on her Instagram and Facebook pages. Taylor Swift is know for much more than just her singing and entertainment career. She has used her platform to reach out to individuals and organizations in need. It is refreshing to see someone in the public eye use their spotlight for good causes and make a real positive difference in the world. Although this is just a corn maze, it’s a representation of how far and wide Taylor Swift has made an impact. 

Source: WFMZ.com

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