What is the Answer??

Hello and welcome back to my blog for my first edition of What is the Answer? Wednesday.

Yesterday I asked you a riddle, shown below, and today I will reveal the answer.

riddle 1

The answer is….drum-roll please…. (listed at the bottom of the page)

I hope you enjoyed that one! Comment below if you got it correct! New riddle/joke coming next Tuesday!!

As for the second part of my Wednesday blogs, I also write about What is the Answer to a various topic happening in the world.

Today the topic is World Hunger. What is the answer to ending world hunger? I personally think that it is educating everyone on the relevancy and frequency of those who go hungry, and everyone doing their part to help their fellow man, whatever that means for you. Whether that is donating to your local food bank, cooking a meal for a friend in need, donating to a World Hunger website, etc. It is shocking to know that “16.7 million American children – nearly one in four – live in households that do not have access to enough nutritious food to lead healthy, active lives.” End Hunger

Globally, 1 in 9 people, or 795 MILLION people do not have enough food to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. World Food Programme. These statistics are shocking! More than likely YOU know someone who is effected by hunger. 

Like I said earlier, I think the answer to this tragedy is education…educating everyone about the prevalence of this issue, and ways to help. Therefore, there are several links listed below with information, and great organizations that are helping this cause. However, they can not do it alone! Do your part ❤ 

*Spread the Love*

Sources: World Food ProgrammeEnd Hunger

Answer to riddle above: The letter “m” 😀

Valuable Information and Resources Concerning World Hunger: 2015 World HungerFreedom From HungerThe Hunger Project

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